We also offer a brokerage system if you have a nice vehicle but do not wish to have the hassle of selling it yourself we offer a system that should suit you. Please call to have a chat to see if we can help sell your car.
This will not be 'we buy any car' prices, We will try to be fair in our valuation.

What is a car broker?
A car broker works in the same way as a mortgage broker who looks for the lowest interest rates, though a car broker’s job is to help you buy a car for the best possible price. The car broker acts as the middle man between the car seller and buyer, and the service becomes especially handy (and is best known for) when looking for a unique or rare car. However, they can be used across all car sales.

Is using a car broker a good idea?
Car brokers know exactly how to navigate the sales process to find any opportunities to save you money. You also won't have to waste your time negotiating and spending hours at a dealership. 

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